Hi Hosts, in this article you’ll find a few tips about our own selves and how to use us for the best of your interests 🙂


  1. Process


First things first, it’s pretty simple. Let’s start with the process: it is straightforward. You guys get on the site patronim.com, create an account and register your vacation rental. Once this is done, you just have to select the date and time of when you need our apartment cleaning services, and hit the Add New Booking button. That’s it.



  1. Checkout cleaning v. Check-in cleaning.


Well this is the most important part and we have to emphasize the topic. A cleaning cannot be done in 30 minutes, there is no way (and if someone tells you so, be careful). It seems more logical to do the cleaning right before the checkin, right? But if your property always handles the same type of rentals, meaning a studio that can welcome no more than 2 Guests, and if you rent it quite frequently then we strongly recommend you to do the cleaning at the checkout.


Why? Because your property’s configuration will always be the same, this is why we always provide a minimum of two towels to your Guests.

Let’s say it is now 16:00, and someone just booked your property for tonight. Apart from panicking, what would you do? You need to have your property cleaned ASAP! First of all, go on patronim.com and book a last-minute cleaning session (of course we can do it!). Then, make sure you have everything you need in the property. If you have any doubts, check one of our Magic Checklists here 🙂


However, if you had booked a Patronim cleaning session at the checkout and you had a last-minute reservation there would be no problem, the property would have been all clean and operational!


  1. Extras


At patronim.com, we take our job very seriously, this is why we are providing the possibility to add to your order an extra Textile Set or a Goodies Refill (available soon). If you’re using your own cleaner, you can simply order a Textile Set only, and we will deliver you two bath towels, two face towels, two washcloths, one bath rug, one bed sheet, one duvet cover, and pillow cases.

A Goodies Refill is for one Guest, and is composed of one shower gel bottle, one shampoo bottle, one conditioner, one body lotion, and one pair of room slippers. It is of course not mandatory but highly recommended as it levels up the quality of the service you’re offering, and it will be available soon!


  1. Access to your property


Please make sure you keep your information up-to-date, not only for the Guests, but for us as well. If you change your passcode or if the building’s code recently changed, do not forget to mention it to us as soon as you know it!

As time management is crucial at patronim.com (and as after all we are a Swiss service provider!), if one of our Patrons cannot access the property at the time of the cleaning, she or he will have no other choice than to leave and patronim.com will charge a full fee.


  1. Communication


Don’t be a stranger – do not hesitate to communicate with us at any moment. In the booking process you’ll find a special box where you can share with us any comments / remarks you might have. Or you can always send us an email at info@patronim.com. If you have a last minute unplanned event, or a change of situation, contact us directly, we do offer possibilities to reschedule a session.


Check our FAQ if you still have questions!


Sincerely your, Patronim.com


Finally a cleaner you can trust!