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Our activity began in ​Switzerland​ in 2013. After managing more than 30 properties, we decided to bring the Swiss touch to Israel, and solely focus on the cleaning service by creating patronim.com. We’ve managed more than a thousand check-ins for BNB rentals and are now bringing this exclusive services for Hosts.

Patronim.com not only handles the full cleaning before your Guest arrives, but we are furnishing as well high quality bed linens and towels, toiletry sets, and other basic house amenities for your Guest’s utter comfort.

Our services are also perfect for travelers and seasonal Guests; imagine each time you will come back to your main or secondary residence, you will find it fresh and clean, and equipped with fresh linens. Swiss Quality brought to your doors!

You can now focus on sales and property management, we are here to support you for the rest. Reach the highest levels, bring your Clients excellence and join the elite of SuperHosts.

Sincerely your, Patronim.com

Finally a cleaner you can trust!

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