5 Must-Knows about Airbnb in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is known as “the city that never sleeps”. It is for sure a vibrant Middle Eastern destination, attracting millions of tourists every year. Tel Aviv harbors beautiful beaches, uber-hyped restaurants, a diversified and active night-life, and much more. It is a Wonderland for some of us because you’re able to find anything you [...]

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7 Airbnb Cleaning Hacks for You to Know

Cleaning is sometimes the un-funny part of vacation rentals.  Cleanliness is a major factor for guests who are searching for vacation accommodation on Airbnb so let us give you some hacks to speed the process and make it more efficient.   Always start to do the dust from higher pieces of furniture.   As you’re [...]

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5 Tips to Use Patronim Like a Boss!

  Hi Hosts, in this article you’ll find a few tips about our own selves and how to use us for the best of your interests :)   Process   First things first, it’s pretty simple. Let’s start with the process: it is straightforward. You guys get on the site patronim.com, create an account and [...]

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Patronim.com Introduces The Patrones & Patrons

Dear Hosts,   It is with the greatest pleasure and excitement that we proudly present you Patronim.com and its Patrones and Patrons. Patronim.com provides BNB cleaning services in Tel Aviv. Patronim.com was created by Hosts, for Hosts. After 3 years of experience in the BnB industry, we’ve decided to refocus our attention on Hosts. Indeed, [...]

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Cleaning Matters: 6 Do’s and Don’t’s for Vacation Rental Cleaning

Obviously, a rental apartment must be clean. But there is clean and clean. Your perception of clean is not the same as your neighbor’s perception, so imagine someone from another country, another culture, another galaxy… ok, maybe not that far, but there are certainly a few things to consider before hosting your next Guests.   [...]

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