Obviously, a rental apartment must be clean. But there is clean and clean. Your perception of clean is not the same as your neighbor’s perception, so imagine someone from another country, another culture, another galaxy… ok, maybe not that far, but there are certainly a few things to consider before hosting your next Guests.


According to bnbstat.com‘s reports, one of the Hosts main concern is cleaning. The Pulse reports on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem reveal that words related to cleaning came out more than 34’000 times in Airbnb comments in Israel! It’s been unanimous and international: vacation rental cleaning can be quite a stress, and this is why we created Patronim.com 🙂



Number one: beware of the growing competition → go pro.


Airbnb rentals used to be this cool / hipster-like studio located in a trashy neighborhood but with somehow a warm, homely decoration. Well, it’s not anymore. I still remember those days where you would have three pictures of an apartment with a vague description, and still you were considering to rent it.


Nowadays, competition is tight and by default Airbnb’s standard rental is more of a well decorated apartment with lots of lights, professional pictures and an abundant description.


If you hope to stay in the game, there aren’t many choices: work with professionals.


Get your pictures done by a pro, your descriptions and your apartment cleaning as well. The places available out there are of much better quality than they used to be, and one thing FOR SURE that will come out in comments is the cleaning service. bnbstat.com reports that out of all the criteria rated in Tel Aviv, cleanliness is in average always the lowest of all. It is a deal killer, if your apartment is not clean enough, it will come out in a comment, and that’s the last thing you want to read about your place.


Number two: hidden spots.


Think your apartment is cleaned to a professional standard? Think again. Have you done the fridge? The Microwave? The drawers? Under the bed?


I don’t want to be a maniac here, although I am from Switzerland (!) but you must think of those places before letting your Guests in. It can be a pain to look inside the fridge and the food closet and under the couch etc… but it will be more of a pain to read in your next comment “Very nice apartment except for the spilled rotten milk in the fridge”. It is not your fault, but who cares, it is written, un-erasable, here forever. Ouch.


The key here is not to be lazy and go the extra mile. You don’t have to clean the fridge for each check-in, but at least, open it and be sure all is well. Same for places like under the bed and any place in the kitchen.

Too much information kills the information, this is why we are sharing with you one of our Magic Checklists, the Cleaning Checklist right here. You’re welcome!


Number three: planning is everything.


I promise it is not due to our Swiss origins, but you need to get organized! Plan in advance, keep some extra sets of clean sheets and towels. There are countless situations where we had last-minute bookings and we could barely cope due to the lack of preparation. We either had to cancel the booking, or handle it under stress and sometimes it was leading to a disaster for the Guest!

A simple thing such as a broken vacuum cleaner can ruin your day, so do prepare a backup plan and have some reserves in your storage room. Another deal-killer is, well, toilet paper. It happened to us on a Sunday: Guests were in the apartment but there was no toilet paper. Quite a mission in some countries to get this kind of stuff on a Sunday afternoon…


Number four: washer or not?


I used to try as hard as I could to have a washer in the properties I was renting but at the end of the day, it doesn’t make a big difference. Of course it is more convenient for everyone and it might bring you more long-term rentals. But most of the time when potential Guests were asking me if there was a washer in the apartment and in those without, I would simply say “sorry not in this one”, Guests were replying all the time “No worries, I’ll give it to the dry-cleaner down the road”. And that was it, end of the story.


So I would suggest not to invest in a washer, it makes a very small difference.


Number five: hairs, hairs, hairs…


Aaaahhhh here we are… since our beginning, I cannot recollect the number of times I was receiving messages (if I was lucky enough it was a message, if not, in the next comment) saying that the apartment is great but that there are some hairs in the bathroom. Please, people of the world, pay extra attention to hairs, there seems to be a general conspiracy about hairs and holiday rentals! Vacuum the place thoroughly and do it at the end of your cleaning session, it is crucial! Vacuum the place thoroughly and do it at the end of your cleaning session, it is crucial! (the repetition was intended!).

It’s almost like if the place was a total mess but no hair can be seen, your Guest will be happy. However, if they find a combination of dust + hair, OMG that will be bad in the comments!


Spending those extra few minutes on your apartment cleaning can make ALL the difference!


Number six: communication.


If you have an issue in your property about anything, communicate in advance with your Guests, most of them will understand. Or if there is a stain on the floor that won’t go, or on the mattress, just let them know, better that than the other way.


Another trick is to simply ask them during their stay if everything is ok, and for those who are staying long term, offer them an extra apartment cleaning session, it is generally highly appreciated!


A very important point: communicate with your cleaner. It seems elementary but it is a must!


Sincerely your, Patronim.com
Finally a cleaner you can trust!