About Us

Patronim.com is a company that was born and trained in Switzerland in 2013, and that provides reliable cleaning sessions for Bed and Breakfast rentals. Our mission is to get your property ready each time you have new Guests arriving. Patronim also provides high-quality bed linens and towels, and all the basic amenities for your next check-in. With 3’000 Guests welcomed and more than a thousand check-ins, Patronim has been created by Hosts, for Hosts!

If you’re renting a fleet of properties on Airbnb and other similar platforms, or renting your room, or if you’re managing a small vacation establishment and need it to be professionally cleaned at time, we are here for that. Do not worry, we even bring our own towels and bed linens, all are of superior quality. We can also deliver a Goodies Set, which is a basic toiletry set.

Very simple. You guys focus on renting your properties, we handle the cleaning. Prior each check-in, simply log into your Patronim account and order your next cleaning session, at a fixed price. Let us know the date, hour, number of beds to prepare, a way to access the property, any special instructions related to the property, and we will send one of our Patrons with a fresh set of towels and bed linens. Remember, the sooner you plan your cleaning session, the smoother your business will be. Your Guests can now enter in a clean and fresh apartment.

Patronim employs each Patrone and Patron.

At Patronim, we do care about our Mother Host, the planet Earth. We therefore use the greenest products and recycle as much as we can! Take a leap of faith and join the green movement, start recycling as well!

Yes of course, each Patron is an employee fully eligible and authorized to work in Israel.

Awesome idea! Click here​ and send us your resume with your contact details, we will contact you shortly!

Currently, we are based in Tel Aviv, but as sky is the limit, we will soon be located on the Cloud in order to serve you wherever you are on Earth!

No, Patronim is an independent company and therefore not affiliated with Airbnb.

Our developers are currently working on it, we will for sure let you know once our apps are out. Stay tuned!


A regular cleaning session includes a thorough cleansing of the entire property and the supply of regular textiles found in a BNB property, meaning bed sheets (bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover), two washcloth, two face towels, two body towels, a bath rug, and kitchen tea towels. You have the option to add a Goodies Set​, which are the basic toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, conditionner, body lotion, a bottle of each, and two pairs of sleepers).

Not at all, you’re the boss. Many of you are using other platforms or your private network, all we need to know when and where to go, nothing more.

Any type: a studio, a boutique hotel, a hostel, a castle, a boat, a cavern, a room… As long as you need it cleaned, we can do it!

(Please don’t tell us you’re renting Guests a cavern…)

Absolutely! And we recommend our services to you! Indeed, why would you bare the costs and hassle of accounting, payrolls, social benefits, etc…? Patronim allows you to externalize the cleaning service so that you can focus more on management and revenues. If you are a hotel or similar commercial establishment, please contact us ​here​.

Yup. We’ll clean and prepare the Guest’s room, but not only that, we’ll clean any space available to the Guest during her or his stay.

Absolutely. Send us an email at ​info@Patronim.com with some details about your needs and your company, and we will contact you ASAP.

Of course. You may use another platform, or no platform at all, or you may simply want to offer a clean and fresh environment to your family staying at your apartment next week; patronim.com is here for you!

Unfortunately for the moment we do not offer this service as it is out of our scope. We take care of the cleaning of the property for now, and we do it well 🙂

Not necessarily, however if we bump into one of your Guests, we’ll for sure be welcoming them in the best possible manner! Patronim employees will usually leave a small pamphlet explaining our services, and if a Guest wants to order an extra cleaning session, she or he can do it through the Host, you, or directly through the platform.

We take care of that as well. Patronim offers a full service! By default, for each cleaning session, we will bring you one of our sets of beddings and bathroom textiles. Everything is plain white and of superior quality. We do have all sizes, so when you register your property, please specify your mattress and pillow sizes. Please note that we do require a deposit of ILS 199.- for each Guest set, that will be returned to you as long as the sets are reusable. By reusable, we mean that there should be no major stain or that the textiles are not torn apart. Usual wear and tear of the textiles will not affect your deposit. For the rates, please refer to our pricing structure below.

We can provide as well. When placing your next order, you just need to select the Textile Set option, and we’ll deliver as asked!

First of all, it breaks our heart! Pain aside, it’s pretty simple, you need to contact us ​here and let us know that you still hold a set of ours, no longer than 60 days after Patronim took care of your place. Past this delay or if the set is heavily damaged, your deposit will no longer be refunded. For more details about how deposits work, please click ​here.

Yes, upon request and topped with a small fee, Patronim can refill your property with a Goodies Set​, which are the basic toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, conditionner, body lotion and two pairs of slippers. For more information, please check our pricing structure​ below.

That’s the only thing we request from you guys, to have a proper cleaning product set at home, including a vacuum cleaner. That’s all you need to have before a Patron can come and handle the job!

Yes, as long as the place needs a basic cleaning. We will broom the place, remove the trash of course, but we are not doing gardening or maintenance.

Unfortunately at the moment we do not handle gardens or outdoor surfaces, other than a balcony / deck.

Unfortunately we do not handle pools for now. ​Stay tuned​, it might change later!

It is on a case-per-case basis. Please contact us to discuss further.

Feel free to share it with us. When you will book ​your next cleaning session​, you will have an empty field where you can submit your special request. Your request must be connected with cleaning, or the Goodies Set. Patronim cannot deal with personal matters, or property maintenance, or guest-related matters such as doing the check-in or else. Please note as well that although we love them, Patronim does not take care of pets.

No problem at all! Guests’ satisfaction is after all why we all are here. A Guest can either ask his Host, you, for an extra cleaning session or for some fresh towels and bed sheets and if you agree, you can simply book it​ on Patronim.com, or a Guest can simply request a full cleaning session, or ask for some fresh towels and bed sheets through her or his own account on Patronim.com.

It can happen and we are here for this. Some Guests do party hard, or if your property was empty for a couple of months, let Patronim handle the dirt! Please contact us through the contact form on our site and we’ll revert asap.

Currently, we are covering the beachfront area of Tel Aviv, but we are expanding rapidly. Be sure to ​stay tuned​, we’ll update you for each new destination we are covering! You can as well check out the areas we cover ​here​.


Patronim accepts payments via Paypal.

Pretty straightforward: you chose what you need. Click ​here to see our full price grid.

Not at all, we believe in full transparency, therefore we do not deal with hidden costs. Please check our ​pricing structure​ to see exactly what is charged per service booked.

Yes, as mentioned, no hidden costs. The prices you see on the site are including the VAT of 17%.

Nope, you book what you need to.

It is not mandatory, we’ll let you decide.

Yes, for each cleaning session booked, you receive a confirmation email with a full breakdown of the costs and taxes applied.

Right after you’ve clicked on Confirm my Cleaning Session. If for some reason, your card is invalid or not accepted, the session will not be confirmed and you will need to update your means of payment.

Same as above: simply click ​here​ and it will redirect you to your Payment Method​ page. Or in other words, you need to ​log into your account​, and click on the tab ​Payment Method​ and then click on ​Update Payment Method.

Trust & Safety

Yes, you can call us on +972 58 332 0817. Please note that we do not take any booking request over the phone, any new cleaning session must be booked through the platform. Use this phone number only for emergencies.

Only Patronim employees will have access to your property for business related purpose only. Be sure to read our ​Terms & Conditions​ for more information.

Yes, it is mandatory. Patronim is here to deliver a professional and reliable service only. Therefore, all of our employees are trained accordingly.

If a Patron enters in your property and sees any apparent damage, it is mandatory that she or he takes a picture and reports it to the head office, and we will liaise with you as soon as possible.

For the moment, we do not offer this option. Stay tuned, we will update you about about this topic!

Yes, our commitment in terms of online security is matching the highest standards available, and we select very carefully our partners, especially when it comes to online payment. All online payments are handled with Paypal.

We are deeply concerned about our Clients’ satisfaction, please write us an email at info@patronim.com​ and explain to us what is the matter and we will respond within 48 hours.

Right ​here you will find our Term & Conditions and here​ for our Policies.

At Patronim, we take the security of our Patrons very seriously. Therefore, we have a very strict policy about bug or animal infestation of any kind: we do not handle it. If we enter in your property and remark a significant bug or animal infestation of any kind, we will directly leave the property and contact you. We strongly recommend you to have a professional enterprise treat the issue.


Very simple. Under Dashboard​, click on ​Future Sessions, from here select the session you want to modify, and click on ​Edit​, or simply follow this ​link.

The sooner, the better. We also manage last-minute bookings up to 3 hours prior to check-in, without any supplement.

You’re having a same-day check in? No problem, log into your account, book a cleaning session at least 3 hours before your next check-in. A small recommendation: if you’re managing a 2-Guests-only property, such as a studio, you might want to prepare it at the checkout instead of the check-in. By default, we always provide two towels, so cleaning sessions for a 2-Guests property will always be identical. Be ready in advance, it takes out a lot of stress!

Patronim runs a tight schedule and we need to stick to it. Therefore if your previous Guests are still in when we arrive, if the Guests agree, our Patrons will execute the cleaning session as usual. If it poses an issue for the Guests, we will directly contact you in order to find a solution. If Patronim is unable to reach the Host, you, our Patrons will continue their journey and move on to the next session and your cleaning session will be canceled at your own costs. For more information, please check our ​cancellation policy below.

Not at all. All we need is to access your property at the time of the cleaning session.

Please contact us here​ if the Patron is running late, or doesn’t show up, and we will send someone else as soon as possible. As a compensation, we’re offering you a 50% for your next regular cleaning session.

When you register your new property on Patronim.com, it is mandatory that you fill up the instructions for us to access to the property (lock box, or digital lock, or if someone is at the property, or else). Do not forget to update your property information in your account under My Properties​ each time you make a change. Patronim declines the full responsibility if we cannot access the property, and your session will not be refunded.

Of course! Every day of the year, except Yom Kippur!

Very simple. Under My Account​, click on Past Sessions​, from here select the session you want to reschedule, and click on ​Reschedule​, or simply follow this ​link​.

Absolutely, please contact us through the contact form on the site, and we will liaise with you asap.

You can cancel your cleaning session free of charge up to 24 hours before the session is due. If your session is canceled 24 hours or less before the due date, a charge of 50% of the booked price is applied.

My Account

Just log into your account and click here​.

Just log into your account and click here.

Yes, and we’d be happy to see more of your properties! When you’re logged into your account, click on ​My Account, and under Your Listings simply click on Add a New Property.

When ​registering your property​, you have to select the matching option, and then select the number of rooms available, and continue the registration as indicated.

Log into your account, click on Your Bookings​, from there you can see all your upcoming sessions, or simply follow this ​link​.

Don’t tell us that! Well, you should log into your account, then click on ​Profile​, and at the very bottom of the page (very, very far away, like in the undergrounds of the page), you will have the deadly link… Don’t do it, Johnny, don’t do that! Uhhhhh!!