The average cleaning fee on Airbnb in Israel is ILS 275-285 for a studio.

Our Price: Starting at ILS 249!

Regular Cleaning Session

  • 1 Bed

  • 2 Beds

  • 3 Beds

  • 4 Beds

  • 5 Beds

  • 6 Beds

  • Managing more than 20 properties?

  • ILS 249

  • ILS 369

  • ILS 439

  • ILS 479

  • ILS 519

  • ILS 549

  • Contact us!

The service includes a supply of luxury linens & towels for your Guests! Are comprised per Guest: a bath towel, a face towel, and a washcloth. Per bed: a bed sheet, s duvet cover, and pillow cases. Per bathroom: a bath rug and two hygienic paper rolls, and finally, a kitchen tea towel.

All prices include VAT.

Textile Set

ILS 79 per set

Doing your own cleaning and all you need is a fresh Textile Set? No Problem, we’ll deliver you a fresh set!

A set is composed of two bath towels of 70 x 140cm, two face towels of 40 x 70cm, two washcloths of 30 x 30cm, one bath rug, one bed sheet, one duvet cover, two pillow cases, and one kitchen tea towels. Please note that there is a security deposit of ILS 199 per set.

All prices include VAT.

Did you know that the words Clean, Cleaning, and other synonyms come out more than 34’000 times in Airbnb comments in Israel?! A clean place is your #1 priority!

You’re aiming at the Super Host status? Add a Goodies Set, your Guests always love them!

ILS 69 per set

For more efficiency, we recommend you to distribute one set per guest. Each set is composed of one shower gel bottle, one shampoo bottle, one conditioner, one body lotion, and one pair of room slippers.


For a post-construction or move-out of your property, it is on a case-per-case basis as it depends a lot of the apartment’s conditions and size. Please contact us here in order to discuss further.

Yes, we do this as well 🙂


Goodies Set!

ILS 23 per set

Each set is composed of 30ml bottles of shampoo, shower gel, conditionner, and body lotion, one bottle of each per set.

All prices include VAT.