1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions, the following terminology is used:

Co-contracting party:any natural or legal person who has entered into a contract and/or mandate through the platform patronim.com with Hosting Facilities Ltd.

User: any natural or legal person using the patronim.com platform of Hosting Facilities Ltd.

Employer: it refers to Hosting Facilities Ltd.

Employee:Any natural person who has entered into a digital contract with Hosting Facilities Ltd.

Internet site / platform: patronim.com platform.

2. Scope of application

These general terms and conditions are applicable to all contractual relationships between Hosting Facilities Ltd, whose head office is in Tel Aviv, Israel, to its contractual partners and in particular to any use of the Internet platform (patronim.com) of Hosting Facilities Ltd.

The contracting partners are therefore informed and agree that the use of the platform is subject to compliance with these general conditions, in addition to the obligations arising from the digital contracts agreed with Hosting Facilities Ltd.

The contracting parties acknowledge that the concept of the platform patronim.com is the exclusive property of Hosting Facilities Ltd and that the content may not be used, reproduced or marketed in any form without the consent of Hosting Facilities Ltd.

3. Reservation of contracts

The services provided by Hosting Facilities Ltd are only those which are expressly agreed by Hosting Facilities Ltd with the Israeli Corporations Authority.

4. Beginning and end of contractual relations

The contracts concluded by Hosting Facilities Ltd with its contractual partners determine from when they are validly concluded and how they end. However, it is specified here that the termination / revocation must be mentioned to the other party in writing and that it will take effect at the time of its receipt.

The attention of the contracting parties is drawn to the fact that the end of contractual relations results in the end of any insurance coverage. It is therefore incumbent upon employers to take the necessary measures to ensure their employees against accidents and to provide them with other insurance cover which is the responsibility of the employer, in particular with regard to occupational pensions.

5. Access to benefits

Hosting Facilities Ltd freely manages its Internet platform and reserves the right to refuse potential contractors without giving reasons.

Access to the Internet platform of Hosting Facilities Ltd is done through the Internet provider chosen by the user himself, without responsibility of Hosting Facilities Ltd.

The services are only available after a contract has been digitally created with the company, which entails the obligation for Hosting Facilities Ltd to create a personal account for its contracting partner.

On-line access is in principle available 24 hours a day and daily, but Hosting Facilities Ltd declines all responsibility for temporary interruptions or blocking of accounts which appear to be used in a non-conforming, illicit or contrary manner

In the event of non-compliance with these general conditions of use, Hosting Facilities Ltd may take immediate measures, including the exclusion at any time and without prior warning of the access of the user to the information and services offered on the site . In the event of damage suffered as a result of a violation by the user of these general conditions of use, Hosting Facilities Ltd reserves the right to claim damages, in addition to the cessation of non-conforming use.

6.Obligations related to the execution of the mandate contract

The digital contract between Hosting Facilities Ltd and its contractual partners determines the obligations of each party.

The contracting parties are aware that the wages will be paid directly by the employer. In the event that the contracting party wishes to tip a Hosting Facilities Ltd employee, or hire on a private basis a Hosting Facilities Ltd employee, the contracting party assumes entirely the responsibility of the employee for the times the employee may be working for the contracting party.

The contracting party understands that any employee of Hosting Facilities Ltd have a precise schedule and a special set of instructions, and, unless otherwise instructed prior to the confirmation of a cleaning session, the contracting party accepts the ways of working of Hosting Facilities Ltd.

The contracting party will not voluntarily delay the work of a Hosting Facilities Ltd employee either by obstruction or by distraction.

The contracting partner must ensure that her or his personal account is always sufficiently supplied. It undertakes to provide Hosting Facilities Ltd with relevant data in a timely manner enabling it to provide the services deriving from its management mandate The contractors undertake to provide on Hosting Facilities Ltd’s website only correct data both as regards them personally. Any changes to the work report or the personal data of contractor must be communicated to Hosting Facilities Ltd within 14 days through the Internet platform patronim.com.

In the event of a breach of the aforementioned obligations, Hosting Facilities Ltd reserves the right to charge separately, to the party in fault, the additional work incurred up to ILS 120 .– (VAT included) per hour.

7. Terms of performance of the contract

After the conclusion of the contract, Hosting Facilities Ltd establishes for the contractual partner a personal account which it will credit by advance payments intended to enable Hosting Facilities Ltd to fulfill the obligations resulting from the contract of mandate. The amount to be paid by the contracting party can be consulted on the platform patronim.com.


A commission will be paid to Hosting Facilities Ltd for each service performed.

The value of the commission varies and depends of the service(s) booked on the Internet platform of Hosting Facilities Ltd, patronim.com.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the contracting party shall acknowledge the debit of the amount of commission charged to it on each use of the platform, and shall not ask for a refund and/or a credit card chargeback, unless the ordered service has never been performed, or with a significant delay, by Hosting Facilities Ltd, or unless the products ordered were never delivered, or with a significant delay, by Hosting Facilities Ltd to the contracting party.

9. Warranties and Disclaimers

Hosting Facilities Ltd shall perform all services contractually agreed on the basis of the actual service(s) and/or product(s) ordered as communicated by the contracting party.

10. Computer security and cookies

Hosting Facilities Ltd is committed to protect personal data and to ensure that the computer systems, programs and/or other software in its sphere of influence correspond to the current state of the art in terms of security. Users are responsible for ensuring the security of computer systems, programs and other software within their sphere of influence. In particular, Hosting Facilities Ltd uses secure networks, protected by firewalls, in accordance with industry standards, and by passwords. Hosting Facilities Ltd has security measures in place to protect user data against loss, misuse and alteration.

In the event of violation of the aforementioned provisions, Hosting Facilities Ltd may immediately block access to the platform of the users concerned. It also reserves the right to claim damages.

The Internet platform of Hosting Facilities Ltd uses “cookies”. Hosting Facilities Ltd draws the attention of the contractors to the fact that a refusal of the cookies may result in certain services and functions of the Internet platform not being able to be used fully.

11. Data protection

Hosting Facilities Ltd undertakes not to transmit to third parties the personal data transiting through the platform, unless a legal obligation requires it.

Hosting Facilities Ltd guarantees that the processing of the personal data concerned will comply with Israeli data protection legislation and undertakes not to transmit the data provided by the contracting party concerning it or concerning its employee (name, address, date of birth, ID number, civil status, type of residence permit, etc…) and to social insurance or other insurance according to the agreed services and to the local tax authorities, except in the case of a formal demand from the Israeli Authorities. By accepting the terms and conditions of Hosting Facilities Ltd and by using the platform patronim.com, the contracting parties declared themselves in agreement with the processing of their personal data for the aforementioned purposes.

Hosting Facilities Ltd draws the attention of each user to the fact that he is responsible for the protection of the data to which he accesses via the website and that he is bound to comply with the applicable Israeli data protection legislation, regardless of the country in which it is located.

12. Changes

Hosting Facilities Ltd reserves the right to modify at any time these general conditions of business. The changes will be made available through the Internet platform patronim.com.

13. Backup clause

Any nullity of any of the preceding provisions shall not affect the validity of the present general conditions and, a fortiori, the contracts agreed between Hosting Facilities Ltd and its contracting parties.

14. Applicable Law

All contractual relations between Hosting Facilities Ltd and its contractual partners are subject to Israeli substantive law, irrespective of the domicile of the latter. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is in Tel Aviv, Israel.