How does Patronim.com work?

Very simple. You guys focus on renting your property, we are handling the dirty part. Simply order your next cleaning session at your next checkout, let us know the date, hour, a way of accessing the property, and we will send one of our Patrons with a fresh set of towels and bed linens. Your Guests can now enter in a clean and fresh apartment.

What’s included in Patronim’s services?

A regular turnover session includes a thorough cleansing of the entire property and the supply of regular textiles found in a property, such as bed sheets & towels, and amenities.

In What kind of properties do you operate?

As we do not handle keys whatsoever, we operate only in short-term rentals that have a self-checkin process for now. 

What type of services do you guys do?

Cleaning for short-term rentals only, turnover or mid-holiday cleaning. We do not do post-construction or any other special cleanings.

I do not use Airbnb. Can I still use Patronim’s services?

Absolutely. You may use Airbnb.com or any other platform, or simply if you want to offer a clean and fresh environment to your family visiting you next week!

Are your employees declared?

Yes, each and every one of our Patrons are properly employed.